We are a strategic and transformative consultancy for food and beverage companies: a one-stop brand and product development workshop for startups...

...and startups-at-heart.


Yes, we are passionate about startups. We love their spirit of innovation and their potential to disrupt. But we also love to bring this startup state-of-mind to more established companies. Startups are born with the capacity to profoundly transform consumer habits and sometimes entire industries. As experienced natural food & beverage entrepreneurs ourselves, we provide you with tailored market-driven ideas, effective branding, operations consultancy, and access to early-stage capital. We are here for you - to get started or to accelerate your growth.

Our wicked designers and copywriters know how to communicate brand personality and product benefits that generate sales. In a world of communication overload, great design and clear copy stand out through simplicity, increase sales and turn great quality products into fast-growing brands. From fresh idea to market launch, we got you covered on every media platform.

It's one thing to make it in your kitchen over the weekend for family and friends, it's another to make it for a nation that's hungry 24/7. We help you bring your recipes from your kitchen to the masses. 

Our years of experience can help you get from the right product to the right supply routes and into the hands of consumers more quickly and accurately than the typical path of trial and error.

Call us old-school, but sometimes, putting thoughts down on paper (or wall or iPad) before jumping into action mode can be the most useful approach to creation. From competitive analysis, to concept testing and consumer validation, sometimes it's good to check if crazy ideas actually make sense in the real world. If you just want to bounce ideas around someone with experience, we’re also really good at that!